Relax Into Wellness classes

These classes defy easy description. They have been a source of healing for my patients for many years, and have been carefully designed to maximize benefit. The classes are “physical therapy” but not standard physical therapy as we know it.

They do provide long-term benefit through relaxation techniques.

Group Therapy

This type of therapy is often undervalued by those who have not experienced it. Please open yourself to the growth provided by groups. The mutual support is something beautiful to behold, and I am very happy to provide guidance to my groups.

Individual Therapy

After an initial assessment, and upon mutual agreement, I may be able to help you through individual sessions. Thanks to my background and experience, I am able to help with a very broad array of individual issues. I have helped many people with difficult issues you may be struggling with.

Next Steps…

I will be happy to be involved in your path to wellness & growth.