Relax Into Wellness

Many people have been encouraged to practice relaxation exercises, for a variety of problems including anxiety depression sleep and pain. Deep relaxation has proven to be effective for all of these. However, learning to relax is a process that cannot be done in one sitting. Layers of tension need to be pealed away. In the course of 8 weeks, participants will practice and fine-tune the relaxation skills, There is a careful mix of newness and repetition for each session. It’s not like a full yoga class (there is a bit of stretching) . I emphasize relaxation, and it is adaptable to any fitness level.

Floor work is encouraged whenever possible, but not obligated.

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Group & Individual Therapy

I provide both group & individual therapy.

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I provide the following courses:

Yoga for Emotional Healing
Anxiety & Depression
Anger Management
Adjustment to College
Adjustment to Retire

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A few words from Jane

Welcome! I started the Relax Into Wellness classes in 1996 after completing my yoga-certification training at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. I completed my graduate training at New York University in 2000.

From the beginning, I have integrated psychotherapy with the relaxation insights of yoga. I was teaching yoga and working full-time in the psychotherapy field, and using my ideas about relaxation in my practice.

I have worked at all levels: outpatient, intensive outpatient, day treatment, partial hospitalization, inpatient and residentual, and I have taught relaxation skills to diverse groups of people in diverse settings.

I have created and implemented mindfulness therapies and have made it my expertise. Over the past 8 years I have created the Relax Into Wellness classes. I have helped with depression, self esteem, sleep, pain, and mobility. People have a need to learn the relaxation skills in conjunction with their psychotherapy treatment. These skills provide my patients with a sense of control, a sense of empowerment. It has allowed my patients to “turn the corner” towards wellness. Now I am moving into the online sphere.

I provide individual therapy, group therapy, and my Relax Into Wellness classes.

Next Steps…

Please contact me! Let’s watch you grow into a new, more peaceful you.